Six reasons why singing lessons should be music to your ears

It’s obvious to me, I live and breathe music. Always have, always will.  To me the freedom, expression, emotion, creativity and enjoyment that I get from singing is like nothing else.  But what also drives me is being able to pass this wonderful feeling and skill onto others.

‘’But I’m tone deaf’’, so many of you say. ‘’My daughter jumps round the room with her hairbrush, but can’t sing for toffee’’ I hear you cry. ‘’My son has a nice little voice, but is too shy to use it’’ is such a common story.

Well I’m here to tell you that your voice is an instrument. And you can learn how to play it.

Sure, very few people undertaking singing lessons will ultimately become professional singers. The same is true for any leisure activity. But there are a vast range of genuine benefits, some of which may surprise you, of being coached in the right techniques of how to sing.

And here’s my top six.

  1. There is no doubt that singing lessons can and will raise the confidence of you or your child. I have seen the shyest children – and adults – flourish. If singing lessons enable them to join a choir, this is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a community and create a wonderful sound, without the spotlight focused on just them. By learning to use their voice properly, and letting go of their inhibitions within a comfortable and fun environment, a singing lessons can be a massive confidence-booster.
  1. Public speaking. Speaking and presenting are likely to be a part of your child’s life, whether in the nativity play, in mock debates, at interviews and as they start work. Learning breathing techniques, how to stand, project your voice, use your voice from deep with the diaphragm and change the tone and pitch of your voice are all invaluable life skills.
  1. Developing talent and creativity. If your child does have musical ability, or singing potential, please don’t expect this to miraculously materialise. Your child pulling off a wonderful rendition of Away in a Manger will be unlikely to result in winning the x factor, a leading role in the West End or Young Choirist of the Year. A voice needs to be trained. Developed. Exercised. Your child needs to learn how to use it, just as they would the piano or the violin. Singing lessons will explore all the preparation and best techniques. They will explore different types of musical style. Your child will learn rhythm, musicality and how to listen to others as well as focus on themselves.  I have seen children develop stunning voices and make a great success of their life in the music industry including attaining places at prestigious colleges such as the Brit School.
  1. Emotional and mental wellbeing. Singing is known to be able to reduce anxiety and stress. This may be hard to believe, but there is the medical evidence to prove it. Singing decreases the stress hormone cortisol in the blood stream and it can also release muscle tension. It is known to improve mental alertness and blood circulation – all good positive things for the brain.
  1. Medical benefits. The University of Frankfurt concluded after a study that singing increases the levels of Immunoglobin A, a natural boost to the immune system. Who knew! It also exercises the brain, which is after all a muscle, as you have to learn lyrics and tunes, improving focus, alertness and concentration. This is why singing is considered an important aspect of therapy for dementia patients.
  1. The final, but most important point. Why else do we all so often slip into song without even noticing? Why are songs such a key element in celebrations of birthdays and festivals? And why has singing been an integral part of virtually every culture on the planet all the way through history? If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, it’s that my students, whether children or adult beginners, will find signing lessons fun.

Uplifting, engaging and creative. Varied, providing invaluable life skills and confidence inspiring. Throw in a few health benefits, and I think we can all agree that singing is a fabulous activity.

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About Jenny Green Sings

From Jenny's early love of pop music, to big band, jazz and acapella, she has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, skill and experience and with her ever expanding repertoire, covering songs from the world of Jazz, swing, to soul Latin and popular standards. Jenny is in great demand as a function singer with her bands and is ideal for weddings & corporate events.