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    Want your teams singing from the same hymn sheet? Book a singing session as part of your company away day.

    I’m a singer. I’m aware that singing and business do not often mix. And no, I haven’t gone completely mad.
    Company away days, conferences and team building days usually have a number of objectives;

    • Improve business productivity
    • Enhance inter-organisation individual and team relationships
    • Enable employees to learn new skills
    • Allow staff to let their hair down and have a bit of fun

    Achieving this typically involves a combination of workshops, industry presentations, motivational speakers and ‘fun’ activities from cookery classes to assault courses.  Well I’d like to throw another option out there. One with surprising but proven benefits. One that has the potential to achieve all of the above.

    And not just benefits for the confident, sociable employees among your workforce. Give me a group of self-conscious, serious professionals, I’ll have them smiling, laughing, engaged, interacting, learning and developing skills before you can say ‘Tell me why, I hate Mondays’.

    Believe me I’ve done it. If I can get 20 smartly dressed professionals at a networking meeting standing up and singing their hearts out to ‘The grand old duke of York’, then I can do anything.

    And no, there was no prosecco involved.

    So what is involved and why should you book a corporate singing session at your next company conference?

    1. Presenting and communication skills. Many roles, particularly the more senior you are, will involve presenting. Presenting involves having the confidence and skills to project your voice and deliver engagingly. A singing session will teach breathing techniques which will help with overcoming nerves; how to project from deep within the vocal cavity; correct stance; vocal preparation including exercising the key muscles; pitch, tone and volume. These are all essential skills in working life; underpinning successful performance in meetings, presentations and pitches.

    2. Learning to multi-task. Singing requires multi-tasking. You need to deliver a melody, remember the lyrics, focus on breathing, stand correctly plus I’ll throw in some other challenges to keep delegates on their toes. It’s the perfect way to encourage discipline and concentration.

    3. Singing is a proven stress-buster, anxiety-reducer, tension-reliever and mood-enhancer. Singing is as natural as breathing; an activity we all do without thinking and plays a key role in the lives of every culture in the world. Of course, as we get older, our inhibitions kick in and unless we’re a closet Tom Jones our singing tends to be confined to the shower, at celebrations where we enjoy safety in numbers or at karaoke where some Dutch courage may have played a role. My sessions are completely non-intimidating, without any spotlight on individuals or cause for embarrassment. In the safety of a group, the focus is very much on me as the trainer, the exercises and everyone taking part. By the end of the session delegates will have shaken off stresses, feel liberated and uplifted.

    4. Singing is a great leveller. Want to give junior level staff the opportunity to engage with senior managers in a non-hierarchical setting? Well this is it. The chances are everyone in the group will feel equally unskilled and vulnerable when it comes to singing. So all levels and types of staff will work together, learn together and laugh together, bonded by an unforgettable but valuable experience. When it comes to harmonising, they’ll also have to listen to each other. Another highly important skill contributing to improved team-working and stronger customer relations.

    5. Motivation and productivity. It’s a matter of scientific fact that singing releases endorphins into the brain, as well dopamine, a chemical in the brain associated with pleasure and reward. What better way to distract employees from the stress of the day to day job, and return them to the office refreshed and motivated, than a good rousing singalong session. Motivation and productivity are directly linked and therefore there’s no question your organisation will see the commercial benefits from investing in motivational-boosting activities for your staff.

    So that’s singing. One of the most basic and simple of activities, yet with far-reaching impact on development and performance. It’s cost effective and can be delivered at any venue.

    Of course you could send your staff out into the freezing cold, muddy woods and tell them to work together to find their way back. But if you’re looking for harmony in the workplace, my money’s on a far warmer and enjoyable experience…

    To find out more about corporate singing experiences email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Written on Friday, 01 June 2018 01:00
  • Live music. Why I love it. And why your event needs it.

    Live music. Why I love it. And why your event needs it.

    As a performer, live music is in my blood. Very little comes close to the tingles, the uplift and the emotion that comes with delivering a knock-out performance to an appreciative crowd.

    But it’s a universally accepted phenomenon that live music can evoke immense feeling and enjoyment not only in the artist, but in the audience. That’s what makes it so special. Why else would fans clamour to get their hands on tickets for their favourite singer or band performing live. Clearly it’s not just to get a glimpse of their idol, in big venues you could be viewing most of it on a screen anyway.

    It’s for the unique atmosphere created by live music.

    How often have you walked past a singer in the street or a busker on the underground, whose talent and interpretation has given you a little tingle, goosebumps or a chill down your spine? Compare this to what would happen if you were in a shop playing the original item on the radio. You’d probably barely notice it.

    As a singer I have a lot of theories about this. Some are common sense. Some have been scientifically proven. And some are based on the experience of living and breathing the music industry, and just knowing that when it comes to music at an event, there’s simply nothing better.

    Maybe you’re planning an event or run a hospitality venue. You’re considering live music for your special occasion but are unpersuaded of the difference it will make. Well I believe it will make every difference. And here’s why.

    1. An all-compassing sensory experience. Live music is able to deliver greater pleasure and a higher impact, because is a visual treat as well as an aural one. Unlike recorded music, live music engages on a totally different level because you can see the artists, bounce off their enjoyment and passion and get far more involved. It’s more like a show. The interaction and relationship between a performer and their audience is intense and personal, and creates an enhanced experience as a result. 
    1. Volume and style. Live music has more impact and is so enjoyable because the musicians can control volume. They can enhance the build up to the crescendo. Get the audience going. They can also perform songs that you’ve heard a thousand times with a different interpretation or style; giving the audience something unexpected, interesting and new. 
    1. There is actually some science to support it. It’s well documented that music in general releases dopamine, a chemical in the brain that relates to reward and pleasure. But in a study by the American Music Therapists Association, live music actually was attributed to reduced discomfort and stress and an improvement in mood in very ill patients when compared to recorded music. This may simply be because live music is more of a distraction and more engaging. But what a fantastic endorsement of how live music can impact our mood. 
    1. Your choice of live entertainment can be geared entirely around the purpose and nature of your event. Intimate for a family birthday in a small venue. Big band to knock out your wedding guests in a large hotel. Atmosphere-building in a club, bar or restaurant to get the crowd going and keep them coming back. You may want your band to start off romantic, build up to a party atmosphere and interact with the guests. With live musicians and performers, you’ve a huge amount of flexibility compared with other options.

    I’ve delivered thousands of performances and been involved with hundreds of live productions. I love nothing more than a party.

    And for the reasons above, there is no doubt in my mind. Live music literally rocks.

    Jenny Green is a live performer at a variety of venues including restaurants, jazz clubs and special events around South London and Surrey, as well as playing a key role in community events and music festivals.

    To find out more about bookings and gigs, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    Written on Tuesday, 01 May 2018 01:00

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